Automated Sales Tax Filing for
Small Business Owners

File your sales tax returns quickly and easily with Avalara TrustFile!

Faster Filing with Avalara TrustFile

Complete your sales tax return in as little as 5-minutes with TrustFile.

Import Your Sales History

Upload your sales transaction history in CSV form right from your computer and we'll do the rest.

Process Your Sales Tax Data

TrustFile will analyze the sales tax you collected and provide a report showing sales tax broken down by jurisdiction.

Complete Your Returns

Use the sales tax report TrustFile generates to fill out your returns form in record time.

How Avalara TrustFile Works

A step-by-step look at how to file faster with TrustFile.

1. Complete Your Company Profile

Faster filing is always a good thing. Take a moment to fill out your company profile and let us know where you do business. We use this information to better recommend jurisdictions for which you need to file sales tax returns.

TrustFile Integrations

2. Import Your Sales Data

Whether you're selling through Amazon, Woocommerce, Shopify, or at your own store, you can use TrustFile to process your sales history quickly and easily. You can even import from multiple sources. Just upload a CSV file directly from your computer and we'll do the rest.

3. Choose Where to File in the US

Once TrustFile has your sales data and you have chosen a location, it will analyze the sales tax you collected and provide a detailed sales tax breakdown across more than 12,000 tax jurisdictions in the United States. Use this report to quickly determine the cities and counties where you need to pay sales tax.

4. Review and File Your Return

The sales tax report TrustFile generated gives you all the information you need to file your sales tax returns. You'll be able to fill out your paper forms faster than ever before and get back to what you care about most - building your business.

5. Your Tax Data is Safe & Secure

TrustFile stores the sales tax data you import using the latest security and encryption technology. You'll have all your sales tax filing information safely stored in a single location for easy access. Should the state or local taxing authorities ever come knocking, you'll be prepared with TrustFile sales tax reports on your side.

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Demo Video

We've put together a demo of the TrustFile product. In it, we upload sales data in CSV form, review our sales tax report, and generate a signature ready return.

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